Private Yoga for Therapy, Strength and Stamina

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Kirsten Joy specializes in a complete practice to help reduce anxiety, lift depression, transform grief, and relieve the symptoms of prolonged stress and hard work. Enjoy her wisely crafted practices for your mind and nervous system and experience deeply restful Yoga Nidra practices. Mindful breathing practices are also provided to support your daily life.

Whether your doctor recommended yoga, you’re seeking to deepen your current practice, or you’d like to develop a meditation practice, she can help guide your journey. Kirsten belongs to the living tradition of Sri Vidya and is a student of Tantric Hatha Yoga under the Himalayan Masters and ParaYoga Masters Program. She is a certified Ayurveda Lifestyle Counselor through Arpita Shah and Om Yoga Journey.

Try a free sample of Yoga Nidra - a resting meditation

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ricky tran

Ricky Tran, BBA, E-RYT 500, CBA, founder of Yoga South Side, Navanga Yoga, Pop Up Yoga Dallas, Krama Yoga Center, Castle Hills Yoga, Standard Yoga Training Co., Breakfast Yoga Club and TranBand (yoga prop) is widely recognized as an accomplished yoga practitioner and teacher.

His lectures and workshops on external and internal yoga illuminate many perspectives of body, breath, mind, philosophy, and lifestyle. His teachings of Sanskrit and the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali are easily grasped by the Western mind. His rich personal experiences offers expert guidance on transformation and awakening.

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nicole payseur

Proficient in Spanish, Portuguese, French, Nicole is a former NYC litigator turned private and corporate yoga instructor. Nicole abandoned her legal briefs for a yoga mat full time. For the past eight years, Nicole has used her powers for good to teach yoga and coach entrepreneurs in enlightened business strategies that yield higher profits. She advocates for yoga students to be strong even when they think they are weak. She inspires her clients to leave unfulfilling jobs, pursue PhDs, and become better parents. They save the world by being healthier and happier in their bodies. Nicole Payseur lives by example and helps students make difficult life transitions to live more satisfying lives. The students learn to smile and live happily ever after.