Vinyasa Flow: Navanga method with Ricky Tran

Sourced from traditional methods according to ancient teachings – a focus on alignment, dynamic flow, mindful breath and deep relaxation. Gentle and vigorous practices for healing, transformation and awakening. Appropriate for those seeking a strong practice for body, mind and spirit.

Vigorous Vinyasa with Nicole Payseur

A fun and vigorous flow class to challenge mind and body. Develop vibrancy, strength and greater joy with this upbeat class.  Appropriate for Level 1+ or those seeking a stronger practice challenge. 

Restorative Meditation with Trai Cox

A practice of transformative rest and healing – enjoy a deep state of relaxation and healing with guided meditation. Appropriate for ALL LEVELS - meditations can be done seated, or lying down for your most comfortable healing experience.

Gentle Yoga: Navanga / Vinyasa Krama method with Ricky Tran

Traditional practices from ‘the Father of Modern Yoga’ T. Krishnamacharya and taught directly to his student, Ricky’s teacher ,Ramaswami Srivatsa. Enjoy gentle postures, gentle breath, and deeper states of calm. Perfect for beginners and those seeking a more restful practice.

Yoga for Graceful Aging with Kirsten Joy Burch

It’s never to early or late to begin your self care practice. Learn simple postures to help develop greater balance, strength and stamina. Enjoy breath practices to help bring more energy to your body and peace to your mind. Postures done standing, or seated in a chair.

Therapeutic Yoga with Kirsten Joy Burch

Gentle movement paired with intentional breath, relaxation and meditation to steady the mind, enliven the body, and repair the nervous system. Sourced from the wisdom tradition of the Himalayan Masters and Ayurveda (yoga’s sister science), perfect for all levels to reduce stress and improve overall health. 

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